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The Most Affordable, Clinically Sound, Drug-Free, Anxiety Therapeutic System available TODAY!

“If you have the desire to change your life and rebirth yourself free of your old emotional afflictions this System will coach and guide you in ways which will allow you to escape your past and its destructive messages.”

~Bernie Siegel,MD,

author of Love, Medicine and Miracles


As your Personal Thought Trainer I am revealing the 8 Steps to Freedom from Anxiety through Meditative Therapies to the public. I employ elements of the 5 most effective therapies known to treat this debilitating disorder in a unique and powerful way. I call this therapy Neurogenesis Meditative Therapy.

Once exclusive to the Betty Ford Center for the treatment of anxiety, I am delighted to be able to offer this self-empowering, enlightening book and therapeutic system to you for use in the comfort of your own home.

The therapies I use in Escape are the exact same exercises, journaling and meditative therapies I have used to help literally thousands of people suffering with the debilitating effects of anxiety and find their escape to peace of mind, body and spirit.

ESCAPE Anxiety is the culmination of my clinical understanding of anxiety disorder, paired with elements of the absolute best psychotherapies known to science for both treatment and prevention.

Experience Escape Anxiety yourself for 14 days FREE


Introductory Video

Introductory Video
In this warm welcome video, Clinical Therapist and former anxiety sufferer, Suzanne Jessee M.A., CHt invites you to journey with her out of the bondages of anxiety and into a new, more confident YOU! Suzanne has used this powerful 8 Steps to Freedom with Neurogenesis Meditative Therapy system to treat thousands of patients and is thrilled to bring her therapeutic system to you, to use in the comfort of your own home.

10 Audio Therapy Treatments

10 audio image
Suzanne personally recorded her meditative therapeutic technique to aid you in your emotional healing, personal empowerment and mind-body-stress response training for your Escape from Anxiety. She likes to call these “feel good therapies” but always reminds us of the power of a strong meditative practice which science has now proven changes brain structure and chemistry!

• Conquering Control Issues
• Dismantling Perfectionism
• Releasing Resentment and Forgiving Others
• Surrendering Shame and Forgiving Yourself
• Defusing Catastrophic Thinking
• Mastering Self-Regulation
• Conscious Emotional Choices
• Rewriting Your Internal Dialogue
Plus 2 Bonus Therapies for Optimal Living

“I owe a life of gratitude to Suzanne Jessee’s ESCAPE system. It has literally changed my life.
It’s the driving tool that fine-tunes the mind to allow one to accomplish goals. The ESCAPE system has given me the mental power to release the stress in my life. Through Suzanne’s techniques,I can now clearly
see and set aside the negative aspects that were once driving my life.”

~ Cameron Fraide

Therapeutic Workbook Journal

main book
Your Therapeutic Workbook Journal is essential to your Escape journey. Here you will begin to discover what people, places and things in your life may be contributing to your anxiety. This important step prepares you for the best therapeutic experience with your audio meditative therapy sessions.

8 Coaching Webinars

introductory video
As your personal thought trainer, Suzanne invites you to join her at her home office for relaxed, comfortable, important discussions about your anxiety causes, symptoms and contributors. She gives you inside information about food, beverage and over the counter medications that your may be more sensitive to as an anxiety sufferer. She give you important tips and tricks to conquer your anxiety and stop those painful fear based panic attacks. She shares her personal experiences, inspirations which are often funny and always relatable. Don’t miss this opportunity to journey alongside Suzanne in the Escape journey.

3 free gifts

3 gifts
You will also receive 3 free gifts to help you on your
therapeutic journey:

• Meditation Pebble
• Positive Affirmation Card
• Inspirational Bracelet

Bonus Therapies for the Deluxe Edition

bonus deluxe
In the Escape Anxiety Deluxe Edition, you will receive the following
bonus therapies:

• Speaker Pillow
• “Me Time” insomnia therapy CD

“Suzanne has been a bright light here at Brighton Hospital, a leader in chemical dependency and dual diagnosis residential treatment. Treating anxiety and panic disorders with Guided Imagery is a critical component to long term addiction recovery. And so, we are very pleased that Suzanne has authored ESCAPE – a 30 day comprehensive Guided Imagery therapeutic system – for recovery from anxiety and panic disorder. I hope you will share our enthusiasm for this important system.”

~ Denise Bertin-Epp,
Former President of Brighton Hospital


• STOP a panic attack in its tracks!
• REACT to stress with Relaxation Response
• DISCOVER peace of mind through acceptance
• LET GO of toxic resentments
• LOVE yourself, your body, and all your imperfections
• OVERCOME negative self talk with positive affirmation
• SELF SOOTHE instantly in stressful situations
• BALANCE your own brain chemistry naturally
• CHOOSE how long to stay in anger, worry, and self-doubt
• FEEL comfortable in your own skin again


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Receive Personalized Coaching from ESCAPE Anxiety’s Master’s Level Clinician Staff. Fill Out the Form Below and One of our Coaches Will Get in Touch With You Within 24 Hours.

*14-Day Free Trial: When you purchase your copy of Escape Anxiety, your credit card will not be charged for 14 days.If you are not FULLY satisfied with the system, you can contact Suzanne any time during your free trial period to receive a full refund.


Take advantage of our 60-day money back guarantee and experience the Minfulness based practices and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques you’ve been searching for with ESCAPE Anxiety, today!

These therapuetic interventions are the most researched, effective psychotherapy techniques that are known to the field of psychology to effectively treat anxiety disorders.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what others have to say about their experience with ESCAPE Anxiety.

If you are not fully satisfied with the deep thought provoking, emotional relief you experience with your mindfullness based ESCAPE Anxiety audio program, you may return it for a full refund within 60 days of your original purchase.
ESCAPE, your anxiety today!


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