What Factors Besides Thought Are Contributors or Predictors to Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety disorder is a complex problem that does not have a single identifiable cause although psychology has found a single identifiable common thread;


It’s hard to know exactly why some individuals suffer more than others from anxiety symptoms in similar circumstances . We do however, know these multiple factors can play a role in contributing to any anxiety disorder.

• Environment. The environment in which someone is raised and lives is thought to have a significant impact on coping skills. Most behavior is learned to a certain extent by what children see as models, so violent or self-destructive responses to stress may well be learned from watching parents, siblings and others in the immediate environment.

• Genetics. While genetics does play a role in the tendency to develop anxiety disorders, just how powerful this role is remains unclear. What may be true is that while many people are genetically predisposed to develop anxiety issues, only some actually do based on a confluence of other factors.

• Personality. A person’s personality is determine in part by genetics and in part by environmental factors. Certain personality types are more likely to develop anxiety disorders.

• Brain Chemistry. The chemistry of the brain can be altered by drugs, hormones and alcohol use. Changing brain chemistry can make a person more susceptible to anxiety disorders.

• Chemical Use. The use of drugs and alcohol has a direct impact on the progress of all types of anxiety disorders.

One of the most important things to remember when someone is suffering from anxiety disorders is that it is not always about the factors but about the person’s perception of stress and other issues. Remember the perception is thought and thoughts are chemical. The complex factors that contribute to anxiety disorders are perceived by everyone differently, so it is important to tailor treatment to an individual’s needs rather than using a pre-designed template for dealing with anxiety. With personalized treatment involving meditative therapy, all the emotional and behavioral factors that contribute to an anxiety disorder can be addressed, and the individual will have a much better chance of successfully dealing with the anxiety problem.

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