I am Suzanne Jessee, a Master’s level trained and experienced therapist and your personal guide through the ESCAPE Anxiety in home therapeutic program. I am thrilled to finally bring the ESCAPE Anxiety program to YOU!

For the past decade I have work exclusively in chemical dependency and dual diagnosis treatment centers like the world renowned Betty Ford Center, Brighton Hospital, Foundations Recovery Network, Dawn Farms and many more. I have helped literally thousands of people suffering with the debilitating effects of anxiety find peace of mind, body and spirit using the ESCAPE Anxiety program.

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“If you have the desire to change your life and rebirth yourself free of your old emotional afflictions, this program will coach and guide you in ways which will allow you to escape your past and its destructive messages.”

~Bernie Siegel, MD
Author of 365 Prescriptions for The Soul
and Prescriptions for Living and Love, Medicine and Miracles

“Suzanne Jessee has written an informative and instructional book on the “How’s and Why’s” of using meditation based therapies to ‘Escape Anxiety.’ The therapeutic value of these practices and the practical steps she gives in this book guide the reader toward a modicum of self-control over the anxiety and panic that plagues them. I congratulate and honor her effort to bring this information to all who suffer in a most useable and simplified system.“

~Harry L. Haroutunian, MD
Physician Director, Author “Being Sober”
Betty Ford Center a Part of Hazelden Betty Ford

“Escape Anxiety is a powerful program that will help many people calm the worry and stress that steals their joy.”

~Dr. Daniel Amen
Author of “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body”
Amen Clinics, Inc.
FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I am revealing the 8 emotional and behavioral factors that are the primary contributors to anxiety and offering elements of the 5 most effective therapies known to behavioral science to treat this debilitating disorder.
More than just a therapist, guide and conveyer of information, I am intimately familiar with anxiety and panic disorder. In 1990, I was hospitalized with severe depression, anxiety, panic disorder and the early stages of agoraphobia (fear of going out in public). I was devastated by the impact of my illness. My panic attacks had quickly degenerated into a debilitating mental paralysis, and fear had completely enveloped me.It had come to the point in my illness where I realized there was no choice other than to be hospitalized. My sanity was on the line. I believed life would never be “normal” for me again. I actually began to fear my life was over. The decision to enter in-patient treatment was a pivital moment in my life.

I thank God my life wasn’t over. When I realized I would survive the incapacitating effects of panic disorder, it became my life’s passion to understand the nature of anxiety disorders from both a physiological and psychological perspective.

I wanted to understand why I became so ill in a fairly short period of time; and I wanted to make sure that I would never experience that degree of mental distress again. As a woman who went through the experience of “natural” childbirth, I can tell you there is no pain like mental pain. If you are suffering from depression and panic disorder you know exactly what I’m talking about.

With a passion for my personal wellness as the catalyst for my mission, I set out to study, train and work in the World’s leading treatment centers and educational institutions. I had to know what anxiety disorder was all about and what the most effective treatments were available for sustainable recovery.

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